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David Dubnitskiy ...The man who transcended sensual photography into divine beauty ...

David Dubnitskiy is a Ukranian photographer who is now a global icon amongst the photography lovers. For quite some time, his photographs were viral on the internet, yet no one knew the actual source or the photographer who took those pictures. The pictures were very sensual and erotic, yet had a very convincing innocent aura in each frame. Most of his works are women portraits that feature nude models.

“I try to make people look perfect in their photos. Always.”, David says on his website 

His photographs usually depict women in a very different way. David places them on a very different period from the real-time world and makes them look the most perfect with limited makeup,less jewellery and minimal clothing. The sensual nature of the photographs still won’t give away the beauty and charisma that carry within it. Truly David’s works can be called as masterpieces since simply one glance at these pictures would make the viewers mesmerise and wonder with awe and appreciation.

David Dubnitskiy
David Dubnitskiy during one of his outdoor photoshoot sessions
This Ukranian based photographer has a unique eye for noticing the depth of beauty in every one of his models and also the environment that he places them in.  This is quite a talent every photographer needs to possess, but it seems like David has mastered this talent.

David Dubnitskiy had won the award for best photographer in “nudes” genre, in the 3rd International Annual Photo Awards 2017. According to his website, David also teaches photography through video tutorials and Skype. This freelance photographer is truly a learning institution for any photography aspirants.

For several years his photos have been circling the internet in a viral manner before their source has been found. It was a Ukrainian photographer David Dubnitsky from Dnipropetrovsk that was shooting some of today most famous (Ukrainian) women portraits. His amazing work as a freelance photographer has accumulated him a massive following of 40k people over his 500px profile.

You will see from his collection that his work is mostly women portraits with made in a sensual choreography and traditional Slavic folk motifs. To anyone that sees his work it will cause admiration and excitement at the same time by the sensuality of his point of view on female’s body.

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